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For Emile Haddad, Seattle, Washington isn’t the Washington that has his favorite player—that would be Washington D.C., and the Nationals’ Bryce Harper.


Brice Harper is a beast, pure and simple. Let’s start with the fact that he was awarded MVP while playing for a team that just didn’t have the power to pull it out of the bag at the end of the season (in no small part due to the acquisition of the pathetic Jonathan Papelbon). Let’s continue with the fact that the only players who’ve lead the majors in on-base-percentage at his age were Ty Cobb [gulp!] and Stan “The Man” Musial. We’ll finish with the fact that he’s the youngest player to win MVP by unanimous decision, and that there were only eight others in the history of the National League.

So, why did his teammates think he deserved to be strangled for a hustle fail?

Probably because the pup’s got mad skills, and he didn’t execute the way he should have. Maybe because no player, no matter how good, gets a pass for putting in 50%. It could have been misguided bravado when he was challenged by an older player. Whatever the reason, he’s too good for this foolishness, and the consensus among his team members was that this was a long time coming.

A long time coming, and he still made unanimous MVP!

Yup, he’s no joke!

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