Seattle Baseball Fanatic

To Emile Haddad, Seattle offers a great many diversions, but baseball is one of the very best. He’s a baseball player as well as a student of the game—in addition to being an actual student at the University of Washington.

Hello—my name is Emile Haddad, Seattle native and baseball fan!

I once heard that the term “fan” came from either the phrase “baseball fanatic” or “baseball fancier”. I’d consider myself more of a fanatic than a fancier. Weirdly, being a “fanatic” seems slightly less crazy than being a “fancier”, but maybe I’m being overly sensitive.

Anyway, I’m a big “fan, and I started this blog to basically just talk about all things baseball (or any other sport, really… I love them all). I also play just for fun with a group of friends in a kind of improvised league, and I can be found in a K Center batting cage at least once a month.

I’ve been crazy into baseball since I can remember. I’m a pretty decent shortstop, (no Derek Jeter, though!) and I take great pride in being able to hit a curve ball. Granted, they’re generally only travelling roughly 30mph, but it’s still quite an achievement!

This blog is just an outlet for me to talk about one of my favorite things, maybe engage with an online community, and maybe, one day… monetize my efforts in some way. (I’m not sure exactly where my career trajectory is going to take me.)

In the meantime, I’d love to see where this blog is going to go (if anywhere), and I hope that other sports fans will connect on this platform!