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Cubs Win the World Series – click here

After 108 years of complete failure the Cubs have finally sealed the deal and won their first world series. The emotions in the city must have been extremely palpable. It only seems fitting that Cleveland would also blow a 3-1 lead to loose the world series.

Thunder and Warriors Meet – Click Here

Emotions will be high during this game as the Warriors and Thunder will meet for the first time in months. After the Warriors came back from being down 3-1 in the western conference and since Kevin Durant left them for the Warriors the match up promises to be emotional.

Derrick Rose Returns to Chicago – Click here

It looks like this week will feature a bunch of players coming back to a team that they originally played for. Granted this will not be as emotional as Durant’s return for the simple fact Rose was traded away and did not leave on his own accord. His home town is Chicago so it should be fun none the less to see how this plays ou.

In case you missed it here are the past news stories across all sports and the whole country and not just by Seattle. While Emile Haddad Seattle is the expert at all sports in Seattle I also have a grand knowledge of sports from all over.

So let’s get to it, the most incredible and honestly this was the saddest news of the week were the injuries that occurred to two teams in the NBA playoffs. The first was truly a heartbreak and that was Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors. Steph Curry first injured his ankle during the first game of the series but it was deemed nothign to serious. They kept him out for two games as more of a precaution then anything. But in game four he seemed to slip on a wet spot and injured what was later determined as a grade one knee sprain. This will take him out a least two weeks and most likely wont be available to return until if the finals…if the Golden State Warriors are that lucky to make it. The Golden State Warriors were able to handle the Houston Rockets with relative ease, winning the series four to one and destroying them by 30 points to end the series. They play the winner of the Blazers and the Clippers, which brings us to the next set of devastating injuries. The Los Angeles Clippers who seem never to be able to catch a break lost their two best players in Chris Paul and Blake Griffin. While there is at least hope Steph Curry can return its all but certain that both these players will not return for the rest of the post season. The worst part was is that Steph was injured the day before and with the Clippers up 2-1 it was very possible that they could play a Warriors team with out the M.V.P of the league and have a great chance to make it to the Western Conference Finals, but the very next day they loose their two best players. That is all the updates for today, check back later for more!
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Ugh. As Pedro Martinez once aptly said: “Baseball has an ugly face.” And yet we keep going back to it because it’s such a beautiful game. I only hope that the league deals with it in a way that doesn’t shame both the sport and the United States as a whole.

It’s that time of the season! Are you as excited as I am?!”

Ken Griffey Jr., one of baseball’s most beloved players and an athlete who should get as many honors and recognitions as we can throw at him, is standing up for “Baroid” Bonds. Bonds’ record speaks for itself, but he just isn’t loveable.

Could Guillermo Heredia be the glue that finally causes the Mariners to cohere as a team? I won’t hold my breath.

Any thoughts on the Mariners’ fantasy draft? Is it even worth it?