Emile Haddad Seattle SuperSonics Missing The Fun Times

Emile Haddad Seattle Super Sonics Trip Down Memory Lane

This is Emile Haddad, a Seattle teams fan, and for today’s blog update I wanted to write a tribute to the Seattle Super Sonics. We all know the ruckus Kevin Durant caused when he left Oklahoma for Golden State. I was actually reading up about him earlier, and the latest NBA gossip to come out of the rumor mill; that’s why I thought of writing about the Super Sonics this time, even if Durant is with Golden State now. To me, he still started his career with the Sonics, however short-lived it may have been, and that counts.

I remember way back when the news first broke out that the franchise would be moving to Oklahoma, fans were quick to voice out their dissent. How could David Stern do this to us and allow our pure Sonics hearts to be broken? I’ll never fathom. Anyway, I was feeling particularly dejected about it because we had finally gotten an exciting player in the form of Durant! I remember his first game as a rookie; he scored 18 points against the Denver Nuggets and I thought we were in for great times. I was quickly proven wrong though, because the Sonics had the worst record in the West that season. Well, I still thought Durant was heaven-sent. Here’s a guy who could play both offense and defense and make it seem like a walk in the park. Then the relocation news broke out, and we’ve been here ever since, without a basketball team to cheer on.

Sure, I may have a soft spot for Durant, but I guess that’s only until we get a new franchise here in Seattle. In the past, there were rumors that the Sacramento Kings would relocate here but that never materialized. This was in 2011. It’s been five years since that rumor and the SuperSonics franchise remains languishing. Honestly, I find this a shame because the Sonics are one of the most respected franchises in basketball history.

Anyway, here are some of the things I remember most about the Sonics:

1. Gary Payton’s Trash Talk – Gary Payton aka The Glove is the king of intimidation. He’s unanimously dubbed the king of trash talk but he walks his talk. This made him twice as awesome to watch on the court, in my opinion. Who could forget The Glove telling Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls the F word during the 1996 NBA Finals? If you have the time, go look for a clip of it, it should be available somewhere. You’ll see Payton smiling and all smug, having gotten into his opponents’ heads. To sum it up, Payton vs. Jordan in the 90s was really fun to watch.

2. 1979 NBA Championship – Okay, so it’s Seattle’s lone championship, but I think it’s also one that was hard won and well-deserved. Downtown Freddie Brown won the league’s first three-point shooting percentage title and Dennis Johnson won Finals MVP. I may not have been around yet to witness that championship season, but it doesn’t mean I can’t vicariously relive the glory years, right?

This is Emile Haddad, a Seattle teams fan, walking with you down the Seattle Super Sonics memory lane. I hope you had fun!



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