Seattle Seahawks Player Injuries

Are The Seattle Seahawks On Shaky Ground?

As someone who considers his life to be all about sports, here’s the current sad reality—a glut of bandwagon fans. You know the type—this particular fan only knows one or two names on the team and naturally, they’re the most recognizable faces in the media as well. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with bandwagon fans—support is still support, after all—I just hope they will be sensitive and thoughtful enough to support the entire team, especially in times of injury.

If you can imagine the Seattle Seahawks as one human body right now, the prognosis isn’t looking too good. There’s Seahawks safety Earl Thomas, who had an offseason shoulder injury. The high impact veteran tore his labrum but fortunately had a speedy recovery, warding off scares of his indefinite absence. The guy next to him in line, Steven Terrell, meanwhile, suffered a first-degree hamstring strain. Now fans are worried about depth; who’s going to replace Thomas’ backup on this lineup? Speaking of hamstrings, cornerback DeShawn Shead is also expected to miss some action because of his hamstring injury.

Other injuries that have bludgeoned the Seahawks are starter Bradley Sowell and Luke Willson’s knee injuries and rookie guard Germain Ifedi’s ankle sprain. I suppose this is also an opportune time to point out the importance of roster depth, and how bandwagon fans can level up and bolster their loyalties. See, where bandwagon fans might panic and fear for their team’s chances because the star players have been sidelined for their injuries, “real” fans will take this in stride and support the less-popular guy next in line. For the Seahawks, these injuries mentioned have given the spotlight to other players, but let’s hope that those 15 minutes of fame won’t come at the expense of the health and safety of recognizable players.



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