NFL Week 3: Seahawks VS 49ers

Seahawks VS 49ersĀ 

While it may not the rivalry it once was there is definitely no love lost between these two teams and make no mistake the fan bases do not like each other. Especially with all the all the success that Seattle has achieved over the past couple of years this may be a bigger rivalry for them then Seattle but so far both teams are 1-1 and tied in their division so there is something to play for. Whether next time they play that is the same situation is hard to say and most people are betting on Seattle figuring out their offensive situation and start putting up big numbers like they did last year nearing the end of the season. But at least for this first game they are playing they still have the same record and hopefully that will lead to this being a bigger game then it usually has been the past couple of seasons.

It should be interesting to see how both these teams perform. The 49ers have looked pretty respectable at least in two of their games. The St. Louis Rams they absolutely dismantled and shut them out 28-0. Even though the Panthers beat them 45-27 their offensive was able to keep it competitive for most of the game. The Seahawks on the other hand have only managed one touch down and only scored three points in their last game. While many people expect them to pull it together at some point they are going to have to start scoring points. Many people think that the 49ers defensive is the best way to get some confidence and get that offensive machine rolling like we know Russel Wilson and Doug Baldwin are prone to do. Overall it should be a fun game and hopefully its competitive and we get some excitement out of it .


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