Seattle Mariners Trades, Rumors, and More

Seattle Mariners Top Rumors

Congratulations to the Chicago Cubs! I tuned in to the historic game myself, and pretty pumped for the Cubs after finally ending their championship drought. Now, back to our regular program about Seattle sports and players, there’s a bunch of news circulating about the Seattle Mariners’ trade plans. Rumors are always fun to talk about and speculate on, so I’m rounding up some of the best I can find, ones that have basis and may actually prove to be true next season.

#1: Mariners interested in a new starting pitcher – The Mariners’ General Manager Jerry Dipoto himself said that they’re eyeing room for a starting pitcher in their roster, since trading Taijuan Walker for Jean Sagura and Mitch Haniger. Word on the street is, they’re interested in knocking on the door of veteran Doug Fister, who started out with the Mariners back in 2009. Other names that have floated to the top of the shortlist are Jason Hammel, Derek Holland, and Colby Lewis.

#2: Mariners prioritize outfielder over shortstop – In an interview with the News Tribune, one Mariners official dropped hints about how the M’s might take shape moving forward. The official clarified that the team is not interested in acquiring another shortstop as they have Ketel Marte for the job. What they do need, however, is an outfielder, preferably a right-handed one to complement left-handed hitters Ben Gamel and Seth Smith.

As for done-deal trades, here’s a brief recap of the news: the Mariners have let go of first-round pick Alex Jackson, who is headed to the Atlanta Braves. In return, the M’s are getting righties Rob Whalen and Max Povse. Overall, the core of the M’s seem the same and intact. The strategy, it seems, is to acquire complementary players while their key players like Ketel Marte and Mike Zunino develop their full playing potential.



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