Seattle Seahawks Russell Wilson

Seattle Seahawks Player Spotlight: Russell Wilson

One doesn’t have to be a sports fan to know that quarterbacks get all the love and attention in football. Extolled for their athleticism, and nowadays, adored by their good looks—think Tom Brady—quarterbacks have been cemented in pop culture as “the” position in football. For today’s blog, I’d like to write a short feature on one of the Seahawks’ key players: Russell Wilson. Yes, he’s the quarterback of the Seahawks, but his position and performance are anything but overrated.

Call me biased or playing favorites but Wilson carried the Seahawks to its first ever Super Bowl victory in 2013. Who could forget that glorious year? The Seahawks had an explosive 4-0 start, which should have clued fans in on the good news that would later unfold at the end of the season. The Seahawks also had a seven-game winning streak that left many fans, like yours truly, feeling like they could accomplish anything—like making it to the playoffs and eventually win the Super Bowl. Admittedly, it felt like wishful thinking at first, but after smashing the Rams, the Seahawks had a fighting chance to stop the 49ers in their tracks.

True enough, the Seahawks soared past Colin Kaepernick and the rest of the guys in red, but Wilson, in particular, had saved the best for last for us fans. Against the Broncos, he contributed an admirable 206 yards and two touchdowns to a cool 43-8 win. While Wilson seems to be one of the more underrated quarterbacks in the league at the moment, his feats nevertheless remain:

  • First quarterback in the Super Bowl era to post a 100+ passer rating in each of his first two seasons
  • Second black starting quarterback to win a Super Bowl
  • Shortest quarterback to win a Super Bowl

Not bad, I say, considering the fact that the Seahawks had Wilson signed up for—can you believe it—less than seven figures.



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